Surgical Services

Surgical Services

At Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove, we comprehend that going through surgery with your pet might be frightening or distressing. Because of this, we make every operation as secure, effective, and painless as we can. We achieve this by providing the most cutting-edge surgical methods and equipment, such as surgical laser!

General & Advanced Surgery

Prior to any treatment, we thoroughly examine each patient to ensure their safety and individually design anaesthesia to meet each patient’s needs. Throughout the procedure, a qualified specialist will use our sophisticated monitoring system to continuously check your pet’s vital signs. In case of an emergency, our clinic keeps a supply of blood for all kinds of animals. The blood is drawn from companion animal donors, and each donation is thoroughly examined for infectious diseases. In order to keep your pet’s body temperature constant throughout the process, we also employ heated operating tables.

Our surgeons have experience performing a variety of common and orthopaedic procedures (orthopedic surgery for small animals only). A board-certified surgeon is also accessible for consultation.

When your pet is due for surgery, we’ll let you know.

Spay/Neuter Procedure

Even though spaying and neutering are regarded as surgical treatments, our veterinarians conduct them significantly more frequently than any other type of surgery. As a result, every member of our staff has received training on how to keep pets secure and under observation prior to, during, and after surgery.Depending on your pet’s age, breed, and physical condition, we will be able to advise you when it would be best to spay or neuter it.

Spaying or neutering has numerous advantages. These practises can reduce overcrowding while also preventing health issues including some cancers and infections.

Laser Surgery

A less intrusive option to conventional surgery is laser surgery. A surgical laser employs a strong beam of light to cut, remove, and seal blood vessels and nerve endings as opposed to traditional surgery, which uses a scalpel or scissors. In this approach, laser surgery lessens your pet’s trauma and promotes a speedier recovery by reducing discomfort, swelling, blood loss, and infection risk. A variety of surgical treatments, such as the excision of warts, cysts, and tumours, as well as the declawing of cats, involve surgical laser technology.