Preventative Care


Your veterinarian will examine your pet from “nose to tail” during the annual wellness checkup for your pet. To ensure that everything is operating as it should, all of your pet’s major body systems will be examined during this checkup. Your pet’s ears, eyes, and mouth will be examined by the veterinarian, who will also assess the health of the skin and coat and check the heart and respiration rates. Your veterinarian can assess your pet’s general health and identify any potential medical issues early on with the help of these straightforward tests.

A excellent time to ask your veterinarian any queries you may have regarding the health and everyday care of your pet is during the wellness examination of your pet. We at Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove are delighted to respond to any inquiries.


The immunizations of today shield people from illnesses that once killed dogs. We provide all necessary vaccinations and will work with you to create a vaccination regimen specific to the lifestyle, general health, and risk of infectious disease exposure of your pet.

Parasite Control

Heartworm, ticks, and other parasites are more than just a pain in the neck. They even pose health dangers for the rest of the household and can spread dangerous diseases like tapeworm and Lyme disease. Preventative medication and routine parasite tests are the best ways to safeguard your cat or dog from parasites. With our extensive selection of preventatives, routine parasite tests, and advice on how to deal with parasites in and around your house, we can help you control parasites.


Every year, microchips assist in reuniting thousands of animals with their owners. At Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove, we advocate microchipping for all animals. The process is straightforward: a rice-grain-sized identifying microchip will be placed beneath your pet’s skin, imprinted with your contact information.

Through the use of specialised scanners, veterinary clinics and animal shelters all throughout the nation can read these microchips and reunite you with your closest buddy. In order to improve the likelihood of a secure recovery, we provide the most popular microchip products.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Age, activity level, and chronic medical issues all have an impact on your pet’s nutritional requirements, which means they will alter over the course of your pet’s life. Our nutritional consulting services can assist you in selecting the ideal food for your pet so that they can remain content, healthy, and active for a very long time.

Blood Testing

Simply by looking at your pet, it may be impossible or difficult to diagnose certain medical disorders. Because it enables your veterinarian to identify and diagnose medical issues that could otherwise go unnoticed, routine blood work is crucial. Regular blood tests helps your veterinarian identify infections early, before any mild problems develop into more serious ones.

Pain Management

The same conditions that cause pain and discomfort in people can cause it in animals. We think that the key to providing excellent patient care is to identify and treat pain. We can assist you in managing the discomfort of your older pet who is suffering from arthritis, your puppy who is recovering from neutering, or your cat who is receiving chemotherapy.


We always keep a wide selection of the top veterinary medications in stock in our pharmacy. Our clients benefit from quick, easy access to any drugs their pets may require thanks to the on-site pharmacy.