Inhouse Pet Diagnostics

Inhouse Pet Diagnostics

Pet diagnostics are essential for aiding sick animals in recovering. However, a lot of veterinary clinics lack the equipment required to finish tests in-house. Pet health is a priority for our team. As a result, we can offer your pet internal diagnostics and tests.

What Are Pet Diagnostics?

Pet diagnostics are tests that assist veterinarians in determining the root of your animal friend’s disease. These tests are frequently carried out internally at an Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove. Some clinics, however, may not have the tools and resources necessary to finish all pet diagnostic procedures. In response, we are here. Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove offers a variety of pet diagnostics, including:

Blood tests: These can detect infections, anemia, diabetes, and other conditions.
X-rays: We examine the images to look for broken bones, foreign objects inside the body, and more.

Why Are Pet Diagnostics Important?

Because they can help determine the reason for your pet’s illness, pet diagnostics are crucial. Our Clinic can develop a treatment plan to aid in your pet’s recovery once the cause has been determined. Pet diagnostics can occasionally even save your pet’s life.

What to Expect from Our Veterinarian

We at Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove recognize the value that you place on your pet. We offer thorough pet diagnostic services. Together, we will decide which tests are required for your pet, and we’ll go through the results with you afterward. We’re also here to answer questions you may have and assist you in choosing the right options for your pet.

We will request a medical history for your pet during your visit. Our Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove will decide which tests are required based on the medical history. Your pet’s food and exercise routine, and we may also discuss behavior.

Our doctor will examine your pet physically following the initial appointment. We can find any potential problem areas with the aid of this exam.