Full Service Vet Clinic

Preventative Care

The benefits of preventive healthcare are the foundation of human medicine. Even if you are in good health, you still go to the doctor on a regular basis so they can monitor your condition and screen you for common ailments. The same holds true for the veterinarian care of your pet.

At Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove, we recognize the value of preventing pet health issues. The comprehensive preventative care plan for your pet includes annual wellness checks, immunizations, dietary advice, parasite management, blood work, and more. These components work together to maintain your pet’s health and identify sickness in its early stages, when it can be treated more easily and affordably.

The information about our wide range of wellness treatments is provided below. Contact us at any time if you have

Diagnostic Care

It is important to make an appointment with your veterinarian if you have concerns about a change in your pet’s health or behaviour. Although it may be alluring to look up a diagnosis online, a veterinarian clinic is typically the only place with the tools necessary to accurately diagnose your pet. The Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove uses a wide variety of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to quickly and accurately identify medical problems.

Veterinary Pet Surgery

At  Animal Clinic, we comprehend that going through surgery with your pet might be frightening or distressing. Because of this, we make every operation as secure, effective, and painless as we can.

Pet Dental Services

Did you know that many of the same dental issues that affect you can also affect your pet? Lack of dental care causes germs to accumulate, which causes plaque and tartar to grow on a pet’s teeth. Professional dental cleanings can be given by our veterinarians to maintain your pet’s mouth pain-free and healthy.

Puppy & Kitten Care

Do you have a new kitten or puppy? Congratulations! The first year of your pet’s existence is not only thrilling, but also very important for building lifelong health. The  Animal Clinic is here to assist you in raising your young animal.

Senior Pet Care

Pets are more susceptible to kidney failure, kidney disease, arthritis, diabetes, gum disease, and cancer as they age. Regular wellness checkups for your pet will enable your veterinarian to identify issues in the earliest stages. Even if your pet looks to be in good health, it is a good idea to frequently test him or her because your vet may find an illness that has not yet manifested symptoms.