Dental Services

Pet Dental Services

Did you know that many of the same dental issues that affect you can also affect your pet? Lack of dental care causes germs to accumulate, which causes plaque and tartar to grow on a pet’s teeth. Professional dental cleanings can be given by our veterinarians to maintain your pet’s mouth pain-free and healthy.

Dental Disease

The bacteria in plaque promote gum disease, which can result in tooth loss and excruciating oral pain, even to the point where your pet finds eating difficult. Gum disease also poses a risk to your pet’s general health because it can affect their heart, liver, and kidneys if oral germs get into their circulation.

Dental Cleaning

Even though spaying and neutering are regarded as surgical treatments, our veterinarians conduct them significantly more frequently than any other type of surgery. As a result, every member of our staff has received training on how to keep pets secure and under observation prior to, during, and after surgery.

Depending on your pet’s age, breed, and physical condition, we will be able to advise you when it would be best to spay or neuter it.

Spaying or neutering has numerous advantages. These practises can reduce overcrowding while also preventing health issues including some cancers and infections. The process generally has overwhelmingly beneficial benefits on a pet’s temperament, lowering undesirable behaviour and the urge to reproduce, making them less likely to stray far from home,

Dental X-Ray

Because a large portion of your pet’s mouth cannot be seen during a routine dental examination, X-rays are a crucial tool in assessing your pet’s dental health. In reality, your pet’s teeth are two thirds below the gum line! Your veterinarian can see if teeth are atypical, misaligned, missing, or dead with the aid of dental radiology. It is also crucial for correctly diagnosing any issues that may be present below the gum line, such as gum disease, cysts, tumours, and fractures of the jaw.

Equine Dental Care

For our horse patients, Animal Clinic of Poplar Grove is pleased to provide preventative dental care as well as dental restoration! Horses require good teeth in order to chew, thus dental care is crucial. We do dental examinations and PowerFloat floating procedures. These procedures must be performed at our facility and involve sedated horses.